From the community consultation, the main headlines are

Open space development

  1. Continue to rejuvenate our play areas - UNDERWAY – Booth Lane and Moss Drive done – Stallard Way is next
  2. Regenerate Fountain Fields as a park for all ages
  3. Develop more allotments and community garden spaces
  4. Develop community woodlands and orchards - UNDERWAY – Community Orchard at Stallard Way planned


Access to activity

  1. Have a quality leisure facility in the town, run by the town
  2. Support the development of activity based groups that encompass various ages and abilities

Canal side activity

  1. Ensure our canal towpaths are maintained to a suitable standard to encourage walkers, runners and cyclists
  2. Actively support the development of a marina to encourage more boaters to stop in Middlewich
  3.  Provide more interpretation boards on the towpath to highlight our heritage, flora and fauna