Community Life Action Team

The Community Life Action Team has now set its priorities for the coming years, based on the community consultation at the start of this year.

The headlines are

Support the development of our community buildings

  1. Support the Wharf area as an all year round destination for activities
  2. Support the repair and promotion of Victoria Building as office and meeting rooms space -UNDERWAY
  3. Encourage the retention of the toilets on Southway and at the Wharf as key assets to the town


Destination Middlewich

  1. Encourage the best use of our pubs, community centres and Civic Hall as arts and culture points
  2. Encourage more arts and culture events in the town centre -UNDERWAY
  3. Develop trails and walking tours as a reason for coming to Middlewich -UNDERWAY – Town Trails Guide printed – walking club starting
  4. Widen the marketing reach of the town

Access to information

  1. Develop a Community Handbook of activity and sources of information
  2. Link the Community handbook to key focal points in the town
  3. Develop a Welcome Pack of information for those coming to Middlewich -DONE


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